The Ogre's Staff Picks (02/07/2018)

All out of TV shows to binge? How about trying a new comic book? Here is this week's Ogre Staff Pick.

Lauren's Pick

The Lie and How We Told It HC

Lauren's Pick

High school friends Cleary and Tim haven’t seen each other in many years before they run into each other on page one of this new graphic novel. As we follow these two characters over the course of an evening spent catching up, we start to figure them out. Or do we? Tommi Parrish has captured something beautiful and real with The Lie and How We Told It. Figures are depicted in rich layers of translucent paint, fading in and out of scenes the way they fade in and out of each others’ lives. As readers we learn as much from what is omitted as we do from what Parrish chooses to reveal, and just when we start to think we have a handle on the essence of each character, another layer is added or peeled away. Driving these themes home is a story within the story, delivered in the form of a book Clearly discovers in the bushes during the evening. Its title? One Step Inside Doesn’t Mean You Understand.

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