The Ogre Staff Picks (02/21/2018)

It is a busy week but we always we have something new for you to try. Only one Staff Pick this week but it is one the entire family can enjoy. Here is this week’s Ogre Staff Picks...

Lauren's Pick

Castle Waiting GN Vol 1

Lauren's Pick

Writer/Art: Linda Medley

The story of Sleeping Beauty leaves a lot of questions unanswered. When everyone in the castle fell asleep, what happened to those who happened to be running errands outside the boundaries of the sleeping spell? When the enchantment was broken and the princess rode off into the sunset, what became of the people who were left behind? This is just the prologue of Castle Waiting, a feminist fairy tale. Writer and artist Linda Medley builds a world inspired by classic stories and populates it with women of modern sensibilities making their respective ways. I could read these two graphic novels again and again!

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