The Ogre's Staff Picks (07/25/2018)

Did you have fun at our sale? What about our signings? Need more from us? How about a new Ogre Staff Pick?

Lauren's Pick

Shit is Real GN

Lauren's Pick

Writer/Artist: Aisha Franz

Aisha Franz explores themes of isolation in this monumental new graphic novel. Main character Selma faces a breakup, a move, and unemployment all at the same time, sending her into a precarious mental state. Her dreams and fantasies are broken up by starkly real anecdotes of life in our modern dystopia. As the hits pile up Selma retreats further into a world she has imagined for herself until finally, reality can no longer be ignored. In her distinctive style, Franz creates a deeply affecting portrait of the loneliness that so many feel as we struggle to connect to the people and places around us.

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