The Ogre's Staff Picks (11/29/2017)

We apologize for the skipped week, but Mike is here to make things all better! With some wonderful new reads to offer. Let's check out his double-dose of Ogre Staff Picks...

Mike's Pick #1

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight TP

Mike's Pick (#1)

DC has a new animated movie coming out soon.  It’s an adaptation of the classic Elseworlds tale, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight.  I definitely recommend checking out the TPB (which also includes the sequel, Batman: Master of the Future) before you watch the film.  Penned by Brian Augustyn (Out There), this alternate reality story re-imagines Batman as a Victorian era crime fighter and pits him against one of the most notorious serial killers in history, Jack the Ripper.  Of course, this is an intriguing premise.  However, what really makes this dark and dreary tale so memorable is the magnificent pencils by the incomparable Mike Mignola (Hellboy).  I ask you, is there not a more perfect choice for this marriage of character, story, and atmosphere?  This story was so successful when it debuted that DC would go on to publish a whole slew of alternate takes on their stable of heroes.  It all started here, though, with this creepy and gorgeous thriller.

Mike's Pick #2

Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Mike's Pick (#2)

In the mid ‘80s, DC enacted their first continuity reboot with the classic maxi series, Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Since they would be effectively starting their whole line over with a new beginning, it provided an opportunity for endings as well.  This is rare for traditional superhero comics as they’re designed to go on indefinitely.  The honor of providing an end for the first superhero, the inspiration for all the legions that would follow, fell to the peerless Alan Moore (Watchmen) and the man that many would describe as the perfect Superman artist, Curt Swan (Action Comics).  Evoking a bygone era while still retaining a contemporary approach, Moore and Swan create a truly bittersweet and heartfelt salute to a Superman that would soon be obsolete.  Crafting satisfying resolutions to decades long storylines and relationships was a monumental task, but they make it look easy.  In our era of decompressed storylines, it’s even more amazing that it only lasts two issues.  I’m not the biggest Superman fan, but this tale of his last battle has remained one of my favorite stories since its debut.  It deserves a spot on any superhero fan’s shelf.  It’s available now as part of the DC Universe by Alan Moore TPB.


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The Ogre's Staff Picks (08/16/2017)

Is it time for new staff picks yet? YES! Yes it is!

Lauren's Pick

Hot Dog Taste Test

Lauren's Pick

Step into the mind of the national treasure that is Lisa Hanawalt in this bizarre collection of her recent works. Hanawalt’s off-the-wall sense of humor and wry observations blend to create a book that had me cackling aloud on almost every page (sometimes every panel). Hot Dog Taste Test has a loose focus on food in that it feels like taking a pre-lunchtime stroll through the thoughts of one of the funniest cartoonists working today. Fans of the Netflix series Bojack Horseman will recognize her distinctive drawing style as Hanawalt also serves as co-creator and production designer of the show.

Michael's Pick

Batman: The Cult

Mike's Pick

If you’re like me, then you like your Batman stories to be dark.  They don’t get much darker than Batman: The Cult.  Written by the legendary Jim Starlin (Cosmic Odyssey) with art by the late, great Bernie Wrightson (Swamp Thing), the plot concerns a charismatic cult leader creating an army out of Gotham City’s homeless population that brings Batman, and the city, to their knees.  Starlin crafts a gritty tale that, when combined with Wrightson’s gorgeously grotesque art, makes for a suffocating atmosphere that borders on the horrific.  Check out Batman: The Cult for one of the best and most underrated Bat-stories of the ‘80s.  Please note that this story is aimed at mature readers as it is graphically violent and features adult themes. 

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The Ogre's Staff Picks (08/02/2017)

You know what you need? Something new to read! And that... Is exactly what we are here for! Check out this week's staff picks.

Lauren's Pick

Henry & Glenn Forever and Ever HC: The Completely Ridiculous Edition

Lauren's Pick

Henry and Glenn are back and better than ever! In these hilarious short stories, Tom Neely (The Humans) and a star-studded list of indie cartoonists imagine the day-to-day routine of obvious true loves Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins. From poorly considered deals with the devil to inlaw-induced turmoil, Henry and Glenn’s relationship finds itself tested at every turn! This new hardcover edition includes never before seen art and stories from creators such as Michael Deforge, Ben Marra, and many more!

Mike's Pick

Andre the Giant GN: Life and Legend

Mike's Pick

I’m not a pro wrestling fan, but I have an appreciation for some of the larger than life figures produced by the medium.  The Rock, John Cena, and Hulk Hogan are all household names, but Andre the Giant may be the most fascinating.  Box Brown, creator of Everything Dies and Tetris: The Games People Play, delivers a humanistic and well-researched account of the iconic figure in Andre the Giant: Life and Legend.  Brown utilizes a loose cartoony style to illustrate the enormous highs and lows of Andre’s life, giving equal time to both his triumphs in the ring and his all too human failings.  It’s a complex portrait delivered in numerous short vignettes.  A quick but thoroughly satisfying read, Andre the Giant: Life and Legend is worth your time, even if you don’t know the difference between a headlock and a choke slam!

Trish's Pick

Super Sons #1

Trish's Pick

Super Sons, a new DC series written by Peter Tomasi (Batman & Robin), sees the sons of Batman and Superman themselves reluctantly teaming up and working together despite their vast differences in personality and lifestyle. While DC’s books are frequently teeming with angst and the threat of doom looming overhead, Super Sons manages to capture the childish essences of Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent – a reminder that while these boys are superheroes, they both (yes, even Damian) yearn for the presence of friends. The art by Jorge Jimenez (Earth 2 Society) is energizing and displays the boys with large eyes and gangly figures, adding to the youthful and lively nature of the book. The dialogue between the two boys is entirely endearing with very tongue-in-cheek bickering laced throughout each issue with their developing relationship really at the forefront of the series. 

Super Sons #6 is out now with #7 is on its way, due out on August 16th. OR! Volume 1, containing issues #1-5, has a release date of October 11. We are taking pre-orders now!

Sarah's Pick

Heathen Vol 1

Sarah's Pick

After being banished from her village, a young Viking warrior, Aydis, sets out on a mission to release the Valkyrie Brynhild from a curse cast upon her long ago by the god Odin. With the help of some old friends, the two women band together to end Odin's oppressive reign. This book is beautiful and gay and Beautifully Gay and created by a team women about women, which is something still uncommon in comics today.

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The Ogre's Staff Picks (07/19/2017)

It is time for us to toss some Ogre Staff Picks your way! See our favorites and make them your's!

Gib's Pick

Curse Words Vol 1

Gib's Pick

Charles Soule (Writer) and Ryan Browne (Artist) have a new take on the classic Evil-God-Invading-Our-World story in Curse Words.  Sizzajee, the iron fisted ruler of an alternate world, sends Wizord to ready our world for conquering.  Wizord, after experiencing the pleasures of our world, finds it too good to lose and decides to protect us from his Evil Master.  It's fast, fun and even has a sentient Koala in the cast!

*Added Bonus: The creative team behind Curse Words will be at here, at Laughing Ogre, for a Special Signing Event on August 12th, from 12 PM – 3 PM!

Lauren's Pick

The Lunch Witch GN Vol 1

Lauren's Pick

Grunhilda the Witch has a very particular set of skills. Her family has trained in the arts of magic for generations, but lately the demand for spells has reached an all-time low as people have begun to stop believing in the Supernatural. Grunhilda is forced to seek other employment and finds work as a school lunch lady, a job that puts her magical talents (and her creativity) to the test. Deb Lucke’s illustrations are equal parts gross and heartwarming. The Lunch Witch is a hilarious read for all ages!

Grunhilda has recently opened up her own website! Learn more about her and the students of Salem Elementary.

Mike's Pick

Slasher #1

Mike's Pick

Wanna try something different?  Something punk?  Something truly unsettling?  Charles Forsman's SLASHER is all of these things.  This psychosexual thriller is cutting edge and decidedly not mainstream.  The book focuses on Joshua, who's mother is most likely stricken with Munchausen syndrome by proxy, and Christine, who is grieving for her recently passed father and is being sexually harassed by her (married) boss.  Josh rebels against his mother by posting knife fetish videos on the internet and this has lead to him beginning an online relationship with Christine.  As various interpersonal dominoes fall, Josh and Christine's worlds seem to be headed for murder.  Forsman writes, draws, colors, and letters this completely engrossing book.  The art, while not conventionally beautiful, is expressionistic and emotional.  The colors used are flat but intensely rich.  This comic has a vibe that doesn't exist anywhere else on your LCS's rack.  This book carries my highest personal recommendation for those who are tired of the same old, same old.  The first two issues, published by Floating World Comics, are out now.  Grab them while you can, as the print run is likely minuscule!

Note: Please be aware that Slasher is written for a mature audience due to sexual content, language and violence. If you ever have any questions on themes or appropriate reading, please feel free to message us or ask while you are in the store.

Sarah's Pick

Runaways Complete Collection Vol 1

Sarah's Pick

From writer Brian K. Vaughan (Saga) and with art by Adrian Alphona (Ms. Marvel), six teenagers discover their parents are super-villains after witnessing a terrifying human sacrifice during their annual "business" meeting. Follow the teens’ adventures as they flee their parents' evil influence and uncover more secrets about themselves, their powers, and origins.

There's also a Telepathic Velociraptor!

Vaughan and Alphona's run ended in 2009 but the comic is being revived with writer Rainbow Rowell (Fangirl, novel) and artist Kris Anka (Star-Lord) at the helm. Look for the new number #1 on shelves September 13th.

Trish's Pick

Batman: The Black Mirror TP

Trish's Pick

In one of the creepiest and downright darkest Batman tales ever told, writer Scott Snyder tells a tale that is not only Batman's, but Jim Gordon's as well. Dick Grayson, during his brief stint as Batman following the disappearance of Bruce Wayne, struggles to uncover an evil that has emerged from Gotham - an evil more personal to Dick and Commissioner Gordon than any foe they've faced before. With alternating artists delivering the interior art, the cruelty and chaos of Gotham itself is captured by Jock (Wytches) while Francesco Francavilla (Afterlife with Archie) depicts Jim Gordon's story with spectacular colors that change with each scene to dramatically increase creepiness or tension.

Note: Please be aware that The Black Mirror is written for a Mature Audience due to slight gore, violence and significant dark themes. If you ever have any questions on themes or appropriate reading, please feel free to message us or ask while you are in the store.

Another week down, but do not worry! We will have more and more staff picks coming your way. Check back weekly!