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The Ogre's Staff Picks (08/01/2018)

Ready for some new Ogre Staff Picks? Then let's get right down to it!

Lauren's Pick

Space Boy GN Vol 1

Lauren's Pick

Writer/Artist: Stephen McCranie

Amy has lived her entire life on a mining colony in isolated deep space, but when her father loses his job her family faces a thirty-year return trip to Earth. Due to new developments in cryogenic technology, Amy and her parents don’t age a day on their journey while the world (and space) move on without them. On Earth, Amy struggles to adjust to technology, gravity, and the fact that her best friends have grown up without her. Space Boy is a new kind of fish-out-of-water story, written with emotional depth and illustrated with a hefty dollop of imagination. When I reached the end and realized it was the first in a series, I was both overjoyed (there will be more!!!) and furious (we have to wait!!!).

Vol 2


PS: Once you fall in love, Volume 2 is scheduled to arrive in store on October 31st. We are taking preorders now!

Trish's Pick I

Modern Fantasy #1 (of 4)

Trish's Pick Part I

Writer: Rafer Roberts
Artist: Kristen Gudsnuk

Modern Fantasy takes place in a pseudo-modern world that is tinged with elements of fantasy. The story follows Sage of the Riverlands, a girl that works an ordinary office job – but with elves, birds, and many other fantastic creatures as her coworkers. The characters are all super endearing and fans of Adventure Time will probably love this as the millennial humor is very similar. The art is very light and adorable and there are always fun things to spot in the busy backgrounds, but Modern Fantasy is definitely intended for mature readers!

Trish's Pick II

Adventures of the Super Sons #1 (of 12)

Trish's Pick Part II

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Art Thibert
Colorist: Protobunker
Letterer: Rob Leigh

I bet no one saw this coming, but I’m here to tell you all about my new favorite book, Adventures of the Super Sons. Continuing the journeys of Superboy and Robin, Peter J. Tomasi is back with another wacky adventure in which the two boys find themselves face to face with a team of familiar yet entirely alien foes. With Carlo Barberi on pencils and Art Thibert inking, the art style is slightly different yet very reminiscent of the previous art with vastly fun and expressive faces. The boys’ relationship has obviously progressed and shows that they’ve gotten closer as friends, but also maintains the very playful and hilarious banter that made the first series so great.

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The Ogre's Staff Picks (05/30/2018)

It has been too long and some Picks have been stacking up. So... Let's catch up. Here are this week's Ogre Staff Picks.

Gib's Pick

Roughneck GN

Gib's Pick

Writer/Artist: Jeff Lemire

Derek and Beth had a very rough childhood, and they are still dealing with the ramifications.  Derek is drinking and fighting through his days with no much going on when Beth returns after a long absence.  In order to escape her abusive and violent ex-boyfriend they hide out in a secluded cabin and start to heal as they reconnect with each other.  When Jeff Lemire (Descender/Green Arrow) draws his own stories, you know they will be powerful and compelling.  Roughneck is that and more, a lot like his Underwater Welder book.

Lauren's Pick

Shade, the Changing Girl

Lauren's Pick

Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Artists: Marley Zarcone, Ande Parks
Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letterer: Saida Temofonte

Expanding on the classic Vertigo series Shade, the Changing Man, this comic is truly the best of DC’s Young Animal line. Loma is directionless on planet Meta, drifting through a life she feels doesn’t fit, until she finds a way out: she steals the madness coat once owned by missing poet Rac Shade. Using the coat Loma travels to Earth and possesses the body of a formerly comatose high school bully, where she finds herself struggling to understand her new planet and somehow barred from returning home. Meanwhile back on Meta, powerful forces are looking for the coat, and the one who stole it. Simple, right? Writer Cecil Castellucci and penciller Marley Zarcone (as well as the whole creative team—this book is crazy beautiful) work together to weave a psychedelic adventure that spans the galaxy but stays anchored in high school.

Sarah's Pick

Be Prepared GN

Sarah's Pick

Writer/Artist: Vera Brosgol
Colorist: Alec Longstreth

After continuous failed attempts to fit in with the other girls at school, Vera discovers news of a Russian summer camp where she thinks she’ll finally be around other people like herself. What she learns, however, is that mean girls and boys will always be mean girls and boys, and that the camp is nothing like she expected. From the terrible two Sashas she shares a tent with, to the door-less outhouses, Vera Brosgol recounts a summer trying to navigate the perils of adolescence and friendship in this semi-autobiographical coming of age story.

Trish's Pick

Vinland Saga GN Vol 1

Trish's Pick

Writer/Artist: Makoto Yukimura

Taking place during the Viking invasion of England in 1013 AD, Vinland Saga is a manga comprised of both fictional and historically accurate elements that blend together seamlessly. The story follows the quest of the historical Icelandic explorer, Thorfinn, as he seeks vengeance for the murder of his father and inadvertently gets wrapped up in the dawning of King Cnut the Great’s rise to power. Not only is the story consistently intriguing as you become further entangled in the bloody drama of this saga, but you’ll learn quite a bit about Viking culture and history as you read! Fans of Lone Wolf and Cub or Berserk should certainly check this out as it spins a tale of revenge and honor that are very reminiscent.

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The Ogre's Staff Pick (04/11/2018)

We apologize for the extended hiatus, life has been busy! But we are back.. So let's talk some Ogre Staff Picks.

Mike's Pick

The Omega Men: The End is Here TP

Mike's Pick

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Barnaby Bagenda with Toby Cypress and Ig Guara

With Mister Miracle, Tom King became a must read writer for me.  So, to that end, I picked up the TPB of his miniseries, Omega Men: The End is Here, that he and Barnaby Bagenda (Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern) collaborated on in 2016.  King and Bagenda (along with some fill in art along the way) take the barebones of these existing characters and reinvent them in a sci fi political allegory about terrorism that’s morally ambiguous while still being entertaining.  The Omega Men are terrorists or freedom fighters, depending on whom you ask.  They are fighting against the Citadel, the entrenched rulers of the Vega system.  The story begins with White Lantern Kyle Rayner being captured by the Omega Men for propaganda use in their insurgency effort.  There are plots within plots here and King explores our modern sociopolitical landscape through the distancing effect of a space opera fantasy.  The scripting is tight with formal elements that hearken back to the work of Alan Moore.  Bagenda’s soft but kinetic artwork gives the proceedings a sleek and dreamy flavor.  This is a very dark and heavy story that asks questions that don’t necessarily have answers.  Though it uses existing characters and is firmly planted in the current DCU, it is entirely self-contained and requires little to no knowledge of said characters or universe.  Tom King is proving to be a writer of smart, philosophical, and complex tales that are both personal and uncompromising.  Omega Men: The End is Here is well worth your time for its efforts to do something different with the superhero genre.

Lauren's Pick

Skip Beat GN Vol 1

Lauren's Pick

Writer/Artist: Yoshiki Nakamura

16-year-old Kyoko Mogami is practically a saint! A high school dropout, she works two menial jobs in order to support her best friend Sho in his pursuit of stardom. Though Sho doesn’t seem to appreciate Kyoko’s hard work, she knows one day he’ll see her selfless actions and realize he’s loved her all along. When Sho betrays her, Kyoko knows there’s only one way to get revenge: become a bigger star than her friend-turned-nemesis. What follows is the hilarious and heartwarming story of her quest! Skip Beat features many staples of shojo manga, but Kyoko is no traditional heroine! Her vengeful spirit is the driving force of the storyline as she shuns the gentle selflessness she once embodied, but could this rejection of her softer side be what’s holding her back? If you’re looking for a cute and fun story with a little bit of an edge, look no further than Skip Beat!


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The Ogre's Staff Pick (02/14/2018)

We love comic books. We love them so much. And we just have to share the ones we love the most. Books you should definetly be reading! Here are this week's Ogre Staff Picks.

Lauren's Pick

Spinning GN

Lauren's Pick

Carry on your Olympic spirit with this graphic memoir! Cartoonist Tillie Walden (The End of Summer) spent much of her adolescence as a competitive figure skater, a period of life she chronicles in Spinning. Though she once appreciated the strict discipline and structure of skating, over the course of the story her developing individuality begins to put our narrator at odds with the narrow mold of femininity intrinsically tied to her world. Through the lens of her ever-more-complicated relationship with the sport, Walden takes readers on a journey into the complications of life as a young girl being pulled in a million different directions.


Stormwatch TP Vol 1 & 2

Mike's Pick

To my mind, the first modern superhero book showed up in 1999 when Warren Ellis (Planetary) and Bryan Hitch (Justice League) unleashed The Authority.  Effortlessly wiping away the shallow, extreme ‘90s era, they provided the thrilling widescreen template that would go on to influence not just superhero comics, but their cinematic counterparts as well.  However, seemingly overlooked is Ellis’ precursor, Stormwatch.  Before Ellis arrived, the book was just another forgettable Image/Wildstorm book.  Ellis, in conjunction with Tom Raney (Outsiders) and, later, Hitch, breathed snarky, violent life into the book.  Crafting tales that mixed subversive superhero clashes with black ops intrigue, Ellis turned the book from perpetual quarter bin dweller to a must read.  His characters participated in high stakes international operations and then got together to have drinks together afterwards.  Introducing fan favorites like Midnighter, Jenny Sparks, and Jack Hawksmoor, Ellis laid waste to the mainstream superhero status quo, eventually paving the way for Stormwatch to morph into The Authority and its discussion of responsibility, power, and morality.  Much to my excitement, Ellis has recently returned to a rebooted Wildstorm universe with The Wild Storm.  Check that series out to see how some of the same themes are being explored by an older and wiser (but no less acerbic) Ellis.  Also, for you completists and collectors, Ellis and Columbus resident Chris Sprouse (Tom Strong), crafted the crossover one-shot WildC.A.T.s/Aliens that takes place near the end of the run and truly cleared the decks for The Authority.  It is not included in either collection due to licensing rights.

You need these titles. These are books you should already be on your way into the store to pick up! Come by, chat with us and we can offer you even more great reads!

The Ogre's Staff Picks (11/29/2017)

We apologize for the skipped week, but Mike is here to make things all better! With some wonderful new reads to offer. Let's check out his double-dose of Ogre Staff Picks...

Mike's Pick #1

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight TP

Mike's Pick (#1)

DC has a new animated movie coming out soon.  It’s an adaptation of the classic Elseworlds tale, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight.  I definitely recommend checking out the TPB (which also includes the sequel, Batman: Master of the Future) before you watch the film.  Penned by Brian Augustyn (Out There), this alternate reality story re-imagines Batman as a Victorian era crime fighter and pits him against one of the most notorious serial killers in history, Jack the Ripper.  Of course, this is an intriguing premise.  However, what really makes this dark and dreary tale so memorable is the magnificent pencils by the incomparable Mike Mignola (Hellboy).  I ask you, is there not a more perfect choice for this marriage of character, story, and atmosphere?  This story was so successful when it debuted that DC would go on to publish a whole slew of alternate takes on their stable of heroes.  It all started here, though, with this creepy and gorgeous thriller.

Mike's Pick #2

Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Mike's Pick (#2)

In the mid ‘80s, DC enacted their first continuity reboot with the classic maxi series, Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Since they would be effectively starting their whole line over with a new beginning, it provided an opportunity for endings as well.  This is rare for traditional superhero comics as they’re designed to go on indefinitely.  The honor of providing an end for the first superhero, the inspiration for all the legions that would follow, fell to the peerless Alan Moore (Watchmen) and the man that many would describe as the perfect Superman artist, Curt Swan (Action Comics).  Evoking a bygone era while still retaining a contemporary approach, Moore and Swan create a truly bittersweet and heartfelt salute to a Superman that would soon be obsolete.  Crafting satisfying resolutions to decades long storylines and relationships was a monumental task, but they make it look easy.  In our era of decompressed storylines, it’s even more amazing that it only lasts two issues.  I’m not the biggest Superman fan, but this tale of his last battle has remained one of my favorite stories since its debut.  It deserves a spot on any superhero fan’s shelf.  It’s available now as part of the DC Universe by Alan Moore TPB.


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The Ogre's Staff Picks (09/26/2017)

Did you come by for #HarleyQuinnDay? Did you have way too much fun? We sure did! And the fun is not slowing down. We will be at Cartoons Crossroads Columbus (CXC) this weekend. But until then... Let's talk some Ogre Staff Picks.

Lauren's Pick

Treasury of Victorian Murder SC

Lauren's Pick

If you love true crime but also love sleeping soundly at night, I have the book for you! Rick Geary's Treasury of Victorian Murder Compendiums recount the events of famous historical homicides from the safe distance of the future. Carefully researched and beautifully rendered in pen and ink, these short stories create a detailed picture of not just the events that transpired but also the world of the Victorian era. Geary's maps are especially effective in setting the scenes for each crime, lending new perspective to even the most well-known stories.

Mike's Pick

Green Lantern: Willworld

Mike's Pick

In a realm of pure imagination, Hal Jordan searches for his identity and nearly succumbs to his bizarre surroundings in Green Lantern: Willworld.  Imagine a STAR WARS story mashed up in a blender with cult Acid Western flick EL TOPO as prepared by Salvador Dali and you still won’t even come close to the beautiful and mind-bending visuals in store for you.  Scribe JM DeMatteis (Moonshadow), known for his often cerebral and philosophical stories, grafts a funny and exploratory romp onto the late Seth Fisher’s (Doom Patrol) detailed and demented artwork.  This is one of those books that begs you to pore over its pages.  There are so many weird creatures crawling over every page and so many strange happenstances that, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be constantly grinning and reluctant to move on without making sure you’ve seen all there is to see.  Give it a shot, if you’re in the mood for some superhero sci fi with a surrealist bent.

Great picks, right? Not enough? Come by the booth at CXC or stop by the shop and we will happily fill you up with all the best books. And, always, make sure to check back here for all our favorites, weekly!

The Ogre Staff Picks (09/20/2017)

Going to be a small one this week...  Because we are preparing for our Harley Quinn Day Celebration! It is this Saturday (09/23) and part of our proceeds will go to supporting Hurricane Relief efforts! So make sure to stop by. And, while you are by picking all of your Harley and Batman musts... Maybe check out these Ogre Staff picks as well?

Lauren's Pick

SuperMutant Magic Academy GN

Lauren's Pick

Do you have a love/hate relationship with classic X-men? Do you wish Harry Potter didn’t take itself quite so seriously? There is another way. Join the students of the SuperMutant Magic Academy as they embark upon a school year full of teen angst, unrequited love, and the occasional threat to the balance of the universe. In this series of short comics, Jillian Tamaki (This One Summer GN) crafts a story that alternates between hilarious and profound tones with ease. Buy it today, then come back tomorrow and tell me which character spoke most strongly to your inner magical teen.

Mike's Pick

Birthright TP Vol 1

Mike's Pick

Tired of clichés in your fantasy stories?  Then you should check out Birthright!  Joshua Williamson (Nailbiter) and Andrei Bressan (Batman and Robin) have created a rollicking adventure tale that plays with audience expectations and subverts tropes.  As a young boy, Mikey is kidnapped and taken to a fantasy world where he is destined to defeat an evil wizard king.  After a year passes, Mikey returns, except he’s been in the fantasy world for twenty years and now resembles Conan the barbarian.  His family, as a result of his kidnapping, has been torn apart.  Can his family regain what they’ve lost?  Why has Mikey returned?  What did Mikey go through in his twenty years spent in the fantasy world?  Throughout the twists and turns (which I’m definitely NOT revealing here), the story remains engaging and the art never fails to stun.  I often find myself lingering on the many beautiful splash pages, but I digress.  Birthright is both fresh and fun, pick up volume one today!

A few new things to try and if you come in we can hand you many, many more. Hope to see you for Harley Quinn Day! And make sure to check back weekly to see all of the incredible Ogre Staff Picks.

The Ogre Staff Picks (09/06/2017)

We apologize for the lapse last week. But we are back and with some enticing new Ogre Picks! Check 'em out!

Gib's Pick

Water Memory GN

Gib's Pick

Valerie Vernay and Mathieu Reynes have a great new book from The Lion Forge Roar line. They deliver a wonderful story of a young lady's exploration of her Mother's ancestral home and her family's place in that setting. Exploring the New England town stirs her curiosity about the weird stone monuments and the enigmatic hermit living nearby. The art displays the warmth of the town and the moody dangers of the sea perfectly. This graphic novel is not to be missed!

Trish's Pick

Red Hood and the Outlaws TP Vol 1 (Rebirth)

Trish's Pick

What do you get when you cross a murderous former Robin, an Amazonian warrior, and a newly awakened Superman clone?  If your answer is “I don’t know, but that sounds crazy,” you’re right, but it totally works.  These three odd companions come together from vastly different circumstances and are forced together in a situation that builds an incredible bond between them forged from trust and instinct, each serving as a more chaotic counterpart to the famous DC Trinity.  Artemis and Red Hood develop a very sarcastic and competitive friendship, while Red Hood serves as an almost parental-type figure to the very confused and naive Bizarro.  At the same time, Red Hood is also attempting to rekindle his relationship with Batman.  As a self-proclaimed Jason Todd connoisseur, this is definitely my favorite Red Hood story told since Under the Red Hood.  However, both old and new fans will love this book, as each character’s origin is retold in the first volume!  

Sarah's Pick

Infinite Loop TP

Sarah's Pick

In a world where time-travel is commonplace, a young woman named Teddy is tasked with maintaining the flow of time by eradicating time paradoxes referred to as “anomolies.” Up to this point, anomolies have only been objects or species that have long since been extinct until the mysterious source sends through an anomoly in the form of a mysterious and beautiful woman name Ano. Teddy must now decide if she can bring it upon herself to eradicate this woman that she's fallen in love with, or keep her alive and suffer what consequences this might cause to their timeline.


Infinite Loop: Nothing But the Truth #1

The first volume is a self-contained, six-issue story full of action, romance, and sci-fi fun. Colinet and Charretier will return to the story once again as writers with a new mini-series that follows Teddy back in time to a town where everyone is addicted to lies. Daniele Di Nicuolo (Power Rangers Pink) will take up the mantel of artist, with the first issue arriving in stores on September 27th.

Mike's Pick

Black Monday Murders TP Vol 1

Mike's Pick

Do you like stories about secret and vastly powerful cabals?  How about dark gods influencing human history?  What about charts, graphs, redacted documents, voodoo, and strange alien alphabets?  Combine these elements and filter them through the mind of Jonathan Hickman (East of West) and you get Black Monday Murders.  This densely plotted ongoing series from Image is as enjoyable as it is inscrutable.  I’ve eagerly devoured every issue and I’m still not entirely sure what is happening.  That’s okay, though, as the mystery of it all draws you into the world.  Economics and mysticism make for weird bedfellows but like a French fry in a Frosty, it’s surprisingly tasty.  Additionally, scratchy yet realistic art by Tomm Coker (Blood & Water) brings a verisimilitude to the altogether unsettling proceedings.  This book is unconventional, cerebral, and a little creepy.  Most importantly, though, it’s fun.  Give it a try, the first volume is available now.

Juan's Pick

Chew TP Vol 1

Juan's Pick

Chew, from John Layman (Detective Comics) and Rob Guillory (WWE Comics) is about a detective with a secret. A weird secret. Tony Chu is a Cibopath, which means he gets psychic impressions from anything he eats. He is an amazing detective, as long as he is willing to take a bite of a corpse to learn who killed said corpse and why. He works for the Special Crimes Division of the FDA, the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world. If you consider yourself a foodie who likes comics with vampires, cyborgs, enhanced animals, outer space shenanigans, and killer warrior chickens, then check out Chew!

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The Ogre's Staff Picks (08/23/2017)

From one crazy weekend to the next with a few Staff Picks in-between. Here are the books we think you should already be reading!

Gib's Pick

Inhumans By Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee TP

Gib's Pick

The Inhumans were never that interesting to me, until I read Paul Jenkin's (Alters, Replica) Inhumans.  He made their world far more interesting and I cared about the characters for the first time.  Jae Lee's (Batman/Superman N52) art on this series is phenomenal, he absolutely makes this story special.  This book is a great read

The AfterShock North American Tour will be at The Ogre this Saturday (08/26), bringing along Paul Jenkins and Joe Pruett (Black Eyed Kids) for a Special Signing Event!

Lauren's Pick

My Pretty Vampire GN

Lauren's Pick

The incredible Katie Skelly (Operation Margarine) explores complex themes of love and possession in this delightfully self-aware spin on vampire fiction. A pampered prisoner in her brother’s richly decorated mansion, the vampiric Clover is as ageless and beautiful as the statues that populate her environment. Guided by thirst and governed by her instinctive need to survive, Clover embarks on a blood-soaked odyssey through the mortal world. Skelly is one of my top favorite cartoonists working today for her varied depictions of women on journeys of accidental self-discovery, and My Pretty Vampire certainly does not disappoint! Her talent as an artist and designer is on full display in this book, particularly in the ambiguous dream sequences providing hints at the main character's past. Also, there are many excellent color schemes and cute outfits, so really nobody has an excuse not to buy this book.

Mike's Pick

Scalped HC Book 1 Deluxe Edition

Mike's Pick

Blending Noir with the Western, Scalped is the story of various fascinating characters that inhabit the Prairie Rose Reservation.  Issues of race, poverty, and addiction are explored in a thrilling crime/action milieu by series creators Jason Aaron (Southern Bastards) and RM Guera (The Goddamned).  The flawed Dash Bad Horse is our window into this world as he infiltrates Chief Lincoln Red Crow’s criminal organization.  Those looking for straight up “good guys” and “bad guys” need not apply, though, as morality gets as murky as a dirty (and bloody) creek bed.  The writing is as good as it gets in comics and Guera’s art evokes the best Spaghetti Westerns.  Violent and complex, Scalped is one of my all-time favorite series.

Sarah's Pick

DC Comics Bombshells Vol 1


Sarah's Pick

Do you like the movie A League of Their Own? Have you ever found yourself wondering "What if the Rockford Peaches were also vigilantes who fought the Nazi regime in-between games?” WONDER NO MORE. DC Comics Bombshells is the book for you! The team is led by Kate Kane (aka Batwoman) in Gotham City, her fellow “Batgirls,” Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Stargirl, and Mera, who band together to defeat the growing forces of fascism amidst the backdrop of WWII. Based on the bombshell pin up designs from Ant Lucia and written by Marguerite Bennet (Animosity, Batwoman - Rebirth), this book is beautiful, fun, smart, topical, and gay.

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The Ogre's Staff Picks (08/16/2017)

Is it time for new staff picks yet? YES! Yes it is!

Lauren's Pick

Hot Dog Taste Test

Lauren's Pick

Step into the mind of the national treasure that is Lisa Hanawalt in this bizarre collection of her recent works. Hanawalt’s off-the-wall sense of humor and wry observations blend to create a book that had me cackling aloud on almost every page (sometimes every panel). Hot Dog Taste Test has a loose focus on food in that it feels like taking a pre-lunchtime stroll through the thoughts of one of the funniest cartoonists working today. Fans of the Netflix series Bojack Horseman will recognize her distinctive drawing style as Hanawalt also serves as co-creator and production designer of the show.

Michael's Pick

Batman: The Cult

Mike's Pick

If you’re like me, then you like your Batman stories to be dark.  They don’t get much darker than Batman: The Cult.  Written by the legendary Jim Starlin (Cosmic Odyssey) with art by the late, great Bernie Wrightson (Swamp Thing), the plot concerns a charismatic cult leader creating an army out of Gotham City’s homeless population that brings Batman, and the city, to their knees.  Starlin crafts a gritty tale that, when combined with Wrightson’s gorgeously grotesque art, makes for a suffocating atmosphere that borders on the horrific.  Check out Batman: The Cult for one of the best and most underrated Bat-stories of the ‘80s.  Please note that this story is aimed at mature readers as it is graphically violent and features adult themes. 

It's a small week but, no matter how few, we will always only pick the best titles. For even more incredible options, come on in!