The Ogre's Staff Picks (04/25/2018)

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY!!! Saturday, May 5th is so close, we can almost taste it! Can you believe it, Comic Fans, the biggest Comic Event of the Year is almost here?! Are you ready? Do you need something new and exciting to hold you over until then? Then let's get to some Ogre Staff Picks...

And... To start it all off... We'll start with a Special Review for an upcoming Free Comic Book Day Book!

Michael's Pick

Barrier - FCBD Edition


Michael's Pick

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Marcos Martin
Colorist: Munsta Vicente

One of my favorite graphic novels from the last few years is The Private Eye by Brian K. Vaughn (Saga, Paper Girls) and Marcos Martin (Daredevil).  They are releasing their follow up this May as a weekly miniseries.  However, the first installment is dropping on Free Comic Book Day.  Titled Barrier, the story, told in a horizontal fashion for a very cinematic feel, parallels the lives of a widowed rancher on the Texas/Mexico border and an undocumented immigrant travelling from Honduras to the U.S.  Oh, and there’s some weird goings on possibly involving extraterrestrials.  Look, I’ll read anything BKV writes.  He’s a master at the top of his form right now, able to craft inventive and character driven stories that are melded with topical science fiction.  Throw in Martin’s beautiful and clean retro style that’s a perfect marriage of Ditko and Romita, Sr. and it’s a guaranteed purchase for me.  This FCBD issue has me massively excited for what is sure to be another unique sci-fi mystery tale and I’ve already added it to my pull.  You should do the same!

**Please note that Barrier is intended for a MATURE AUDIENCE.

Lauren's Pick

The Land of the Sons HC

Lauren's Pick

Writer/Artist: Gipi

Italian cartoonist Gipi weaves a story of family and masculine fragility in this post-apocalyptic tale. Brothers Lino and Santo were born into a wasteland and raised by a distant, inscrutable father. He teaches his sons to find uncontaminated food, how to dispose of corpses, and tells them never to use the word “love.” He doesn’t teach them to read, though he himself writes constantly in a journal they are forbidden from touching. The boys chafe under their father’s seemingly arbitrary restrictions, but they are unprepared when he dies suddenly, leaving them with only a book of words they can’t understand. Follow the brothers on a journey through a world they don’t know they’ve been protected from as they embark on a mission to find someone to read the journal and unravel the mysteries of the man who they desperately hope loved them despite his rules. In a narrative style matching his main characters Gipi masterfully executes the emotional moments of this story almost as afterthoughts, leaving readers affected long past the last page.

Do you need more to try? Come by today and we can talk you in to even more wonderful reads. And... Don't forget... Next Saturday, May 5th, we are expecting to see you for Free Comic Book Day!