Julie Doucet

The Ogre's Staff Picks (08/29/2018)

How about a new Staff Pick to keep your Holiday Weekend going? Well then... Here we go!

Lauren's Pick

My New York Diary SC

Lauren's Pick

Writer/Artist:  Julie Doucet

Follow iconic underground cartoonist Julie Doucet through the trials and tribulations of life as young artist in her classic graphic novel, My New York Diary. Doucet's claustrophobic environments rendered throughout this comic reflect her state of mind at the time of its creation. Disastrous and absurd situations emerge seemingly from nothing to threaten the main character (Doucet herself) as she struggles to create work while reacting to these external stimuli. One of the most relatable arcs found within this story depicts Doucet dealing with a boyfriend threatened by her growing success as a cartoonist. As she attends events and finds an audience among the most popular independent artists of the day, he becomes increasingly resentful and determined to pull her off course. I think it's a scenario that many women will recognize if they've found themselves outshining an unsupportive partner at any time in their lives! Julie Doucet is an institution and this comic is amazing. Read it!

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