Princess Jellyfish

The Ogre's Staff Pick (05/09/2018)

It is turning into Summer really quick, isn't it? But even as the hot sun is really starting to beat down, the books continue to come in and give us a wonderful feeling of cool and calm. Would you like a staff pick to help with those long summer days? Well... It here it comes!

Lauren's Pick

Princess Jellyfish GN Vol 1

Lauren's Pick

Writer/Artist: Akiko Higashimura

Step into a world of fandom and fashion in this adorable manga! Tsukimi has been fascinated by jellyfish since she was very young, leading her to an adulthood largely spent paralyzed in fear when faced with other people. Together with her similarly obsessive female friends, she avoids contact with stylish women and never speaks to men…until a coincidence brings a new character into her life. This beautiful mystery girl has some surprises in store for Tsukimi and friends! Princess Jellyfish is so much fun to read that I got through another volume of it in the time I was supposed to be writing this review!

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