Royal City

The Ogre's Staff Picks (02/28/2018)

It has been busy around the store. But we want to take a moment to tell you about a story that you absolutely MUST read! Here is this week's Ogre Staff Pick.

Mike's Pick

Royal City TP Vol 1

Mike's Pick

Writer/Artist: Jeff Lemire

Man. Royal City is so good and it feels like nobody is talking about it. After I finish each issue, I’m struck by how solid and engaging a read it is.  Jeff Lemire writes some of my current favorite series, specifically Black Hammer for Dark Horse and Descender for Image, but those are both (excellent) genre series. Royal City is much more grounded, although there are hints of surrealism that flavor the story of a small town family haunted (maybe literally, maybe not) by their long dead sibling/son. Lemire pulls double duty here, and his sketchy, impressionistic art is perfectly suited for this melancholy, possibly supernatural tale.  Volume one (available now) follows the family in the present as they reunite in the crumbling titular town where they grew up and experienced loves and losses. Volume two (due out in late April) follows the last days of the deceased son in the 1990s. I, too, grew up in a small town that’s now seen better days and I was also a teenager/young adult in the ‘90s so this book really appeals to me. Nothing else I’ve ever read has come close to palpably conveying those experiences. The prolific Lemire is at the top of his game here, breathing life into characters and a town in a painfully, and beautifully, real way.


It may only be one title this week but when you stop by to pick up Royal City we can offer you many, many more great titles! So come on by!