Simon Hanselmann

The Ogre's Staff Picks (03/14/2018)

Just one little pick today... So let's get right down to it! Here is this week's Orge Staff Pick.

Lauren's Pick

Megahex HC: Megg and Mogg

Lauren's Pick

Writer/Artist: Simon Hanselmann

Stoner comedy meets deep existential dread in this book from Simon Hanselmann! Follow roommates Meg, Mogg, and Owl as they drink, smoke, and play cruel jokes on each other to distract from lives of quiet desperation. Megahex will have you laughing out loud, then you’ll turn the page and feel bad for laughing but won’t be able to stop. Get yours today, read it today, come back tomorrow to unpack the psychological issues these hilarious short stories will force you to confront!

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