The Ogre's Staff Pick (02/14/2018)

We love comic books. We love them so much. And we just have to share the ones we love the most. Books you should definetly be reading! Here are this week's Ogre Staff Picks.

Lauren's Pick

Spinning GN

Lauren's Pick

Carry on your Olympic spirit with this graphic memoir! Cartoonist Tillie Walden (The End of Summer) spent much of her adolescence as a competitive figure skater, a period of life she chronicles in Spinning. Though she once appreciated the strict discipline and structure of skating, over the course of the story her developing individuality begins to put our narrator at odds with the narrow mold of femininity intrinsically tied to her world. Through the lens of her ever-more-complicated relationship with the sport, Walden takes readers on a journey into the complications of life as a young girl being pulled in a million different directions.


Stormwatch TP Vol 1 & 2

Mike's Pick

To my mind, the first modern superhero book showed up in 1999 when Warren Ellis (Planetary) and Bryan Hitch (Justice League) unleashed The Authority.  Effortlessly wiping away the shallow, extreme ‘90s era, they provided the thrilling widescreen template that would go on to influence not just superhero comics, but their cinematic counterparts as well.  However, seemingly overlooked is Ellis’ precursor, Stormwatch.  Before Ellis arrived, the book was just another forgettable Image/Wildstorm book.  Ellis, in conjunction with Tom Raney (Outsiders) and, later, Hitch, breathed snarky, violent life into the book.  Crafting tales that mixed subversive superhero clashes with black ops intrigue, Ellis turned the book from perpetual quarter bin dweller to a must read.  His characters participated in high stakes international operations and then got together to have drinks together afterwards.  Introducing fan favorites like Midnighter, Jenny Sparks, and Jack Hawksmoor, Ellis laid waste to the mainstream superhero status quo, eventually paving the way for Stormwatch to morph into The Authority and its discussion of responsibility, power, and morality.  Much to my excitement, Ellis has recently returned to a rebooted Wildstorm universe with The Wild Storm.  Check that series out to see how some of the same themes are being explored by an older and wiser (but no less acerbic) Ellis.  Also, for you completists and collectors, Ellis and Columbus resident Chris Sprouse (Tom Strong), crafted the crossover one-shot WildC.A.T.s/Aliens that takes place near the end of the run and truly cleared the decks for The Authority.  It is not included in either collection due to licensing rights.

You need these titles. These are books you should already be on your way into the store to pick up! Come by, chat with us and we can offer you even more great reads!